Monday, December 15, 2008

Save The Population

Phew! The rape orgy that this semester was has finally ended. I am now at home, sadder and wiser (Yes, every 2 marks of attendance counts) with a lowered C.G and self-esteem. This sem will be remembered by all in Pilani for the sheer amount of sensation and trouble that gave it an air of a B-Grade Bollywood flick. From the Prez losing to none, to the BITSAA night brawl to the scandal of scandals codenamed "MoonGate" to the unsuccessful episode of Prison Break that concluded the semester's bag of events - of course, the institute signed off with one last bang, in the form of at least four consecutive compres for the entire batch of people doing CDC's. (As someone quipped, "scheduling is the aim, ID is tolerated. You do know the reference, don't you?)
Personally too, I must say I have seen happier days :) (ok now I know I sound like those ageing loyal servants who sit down with their supari and tell sad tales to the household children, but I'm sure fellow-sufferers understand). Hitting rock bottom leaves you with a sore backside and a bruised ego, not to mention a very heavy heart. And everytime I thought hopefully that "wait - the good part is that nothing can get worse than this, right?" I was quite surprised :)
But it's ok. We live. Someone told me that the good part about bad sems is that they get over :).
Through all the precious things lost (anyone seen my mind anywhere?) a sense of dealing with life hands-on emerges. You pray that through all the bad times you can keep your dignity and sense of humour, and if you manage to get pass marks there sometimes, it gives you a vague superman-ish feeling :) .
Oh well, there have been good times too, here and there, enlightening conversations, new paths in life suddenly paved with plausibility, Kodak moments and TORA moments (:D), deeper understanding of things and people, new viewpoints, old comforts - why just look at the bad?
Cheers to the sem that probably made us grow up faster than we ever have, often against our will. And look, we're alive!

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